Veterans Commemorative Plaza

The Veterans Commemorative Plaza (VCP) is the only veterans’ memorial in Phoenix’s Northwest Valley honoring United States veterans of all military branches. Any person who served in the U.S. military at any time in history is eligible to have an engraved paver. The VCP is located at the southeast corner of Founders Park Boulevard and Pershing Street in Surprise.

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The Veterans Commemorative Plaza was the brainchild of Marley Park Leadership’s Project Committee who wanted to honor military service members who served or are serving in the United States Armed Forces. A planning group was formed with assistance from the Marley Park Community Association, Inc.

Located at the southeast corner of Founders Park Boulevard and Pershing Street in Surprise (check it out on Google Maps), the VCP is for the greater Northwest Valley community. Anyone can become a VCP sponsor or purchase a paver. Additionally, anyone who served in the US military at any time is eligible for an engraved paver.

The VCP is a ‘living’ memorial growing each year with newly purchased pavers. Purchased pavers will be installed in the VCP on Armed Forces Day in May (purchased prior to April 1) and Veterans Day in November (purchased prior to October 1). There are more than 2,000 pavers still available for engraving.

Significance of VCP Design Elements

The VCP design is deliberate and significant, representing the unity of all five military branches. Throughout history, our military heroes have worked together to keep our country safe.

It features a 30-foot flagpole with a pentagonal base. Each side of the base displays an emblem for one of the five branches of service. The Department of Defense has a prescribed order of precedence: United States Army, United States Marine Corps, United States Navy, United States Air Force, and United States Coast Guard.

Brick pavers inscribed with the names of military service members are placed around the flagpole forming the Circle of Honor. The circle represents an unbreakable border and supports the flag. The pathway leading to the flagpole has brick pavers inscribed with the names of VCP sponsors, both individuals and businesses.

The pavers are red, the pentagonal base is white, and the sky is blue to represent the colors in the American flag. Additionally, the VCP incorporates the “small town” design found across Marley Park.


May anyone purchase a paver?
Anyone may purchase a Veteran or Sponsorship paver. This memorial is dedicated to all service members who served in the US military. The Veteran paver will be placed in the Circle of Honor and the Sponsorship paver will be placed in the pathway leading to the Circle of Honor.

May I purchase more than one paver?
Yes. A separate form is required for each paver. When purchasing multiple pavers, request you use the same Contact name for each paver. This will aid in processing the request and in placement of the pavers in the VCP.

What payment methods may I use to purchase the paver?
You can purchase a paver online (button at top of page) using your credit card. You can also print a hard copy of the form and pay by check. Make check payable to: Marley Park Community Association, Inc. In the note section on the check, please reference Veterans Commemorative Plaza – VCP Sponsorship. Mail the check along with a copy of the request form to:

Marley Park Community Association
Community Engagement – VCP
15201 W. Sweetwater Ave.
Surprise, AZ 85379

Is my contribution tax deductible?
No. Contributions to the Veterans Commemorative Plaza are NOT tax deductible.

When will my paver be added to the VCP?
Purchased pavers will be installed in the VCP on Armed Forces Day in May (purchased prior to April 1) and Veterans Day in November (purchased prior to October 1).

How many Veteran pavers and Sponsorship pavers will be sold?
The original design includes approximately 2,500 Veteran pavers and 250 Sponsorship pavers. If the need arises to accommodate more pavers, we will consider the option at that time.

How is the paver location determined? May I ask for a special location in the Circle of Honor?
Placement of the paver in the VCP Circle of Honor is determined by the date is was purchased/received (not by the veteran’s military branch of service). The placement of the paver begins at the center of the circle and spirals outward. Each of the five branches/sections in the Circle of Honor will have veterans from all services (i.e. a Navy paver could be placed in the Army section). This placement is deliberate to symbolize the collaboration across all military services to support the flag. We cannot guarantee special placement of pavers; however, we will make every effort to keep family pavers together.

How do I designate a Veteran KIA, MIA, or POW on the request form?
On the third line of the form:

  • For KIA Veterans, please use the Branch of Service abbreviation, followed by KIA, date killed in action. Example: USMC KIA 11-12-1968.
  • For MIA Veterans, please use the Branch of Service abbreviation followed by the year entered into the Service, dash, MIA. Example: USN 1965-MIA.
  • For Veterans, who were also a POW, please use the Branch of Service abbreviation, followed by the years in the service, followed by POW. Example: USAF 1965-1976 POW.

Locate Your VCP Paver

Veteran Paver Locations
List is alphabetical by last name.

Sponsorship Paver Locations
Thank you for your contribution to the VCP.

If you have any questions about the location of your paver, please contact VCP Committee Chair Richard Perry at

VCP Friends

Major Sponsors

  • DMB (for contributing the land site for the VCP and bench sponsorship)
  • Marley Park Community Association, Inc. (for their administrative assistance in all aspects of the VCP)
  • OCM LLC (for providing general contracting services for the construction of the VCP)
  • Logan Simpson Design
  • Camino Del Sol Funeral Chapel and Cremation Center of Sun City West, AZ
  • Wood/Patel & Associates, Inc.
  • West Maricopa County Regional Association of Realtors
  • Marley Park Elementary School
  • Legacy Traditional School
  • City of Surprise Neighborhood Grant Program
  • America’s Mighty Warriors
  • Service Direct Landscape
  • Sunrise Nursery
  • SiteOne Landscape

Additional Supporters

  • The Olea Perry Family
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 10695 (for donating the POW-MIA flag)
  • Northwest Valley Veterans Association
  • Disabled Veterans Star Chapter 24 of Surprise, AZ
  • American Legion Post 94 of Sun City West, AZ
  • The Ochsners Family
  • West Valley Chapter Korean War Veterans (for donating the 24.5” by 16” illustration used in promoting the VCP)
  • The Confer Family
  • Pilates by LaBriece
  • The Widovic Family
  • West Valley Chapter 1043 Vietnam Veterans of America
  • Mosaic Park Neighborhood
  • Mattamy Homes
  • Hourglass Park Neighborhood
  • Bailey Orthodontics
  • The Blank Family
  • The Heistand Family
  • Kennel-Me-Not SCS, LLC
  • Luke Chapter, MOAA
  • San Juan Diego Assembly 2836, Knights of Columbus
  • Carpenter, Hazlewood, Delgado and Bolen, Attorneys at Law
  • BT Bouncies
  • Andy Simoneschi
  • Canyon Ridge School
  • The Bungert Family
  • The Rowitz Family
  • Student Council 2014 Paradise Honors High School
  • The Hauptmann Family – Dick and Annie
  • The Hauptmann Family – Steven and Daniella
  • Marley Park Community Life Team
  • The Hornback Family
  • Michael Adams
  • The Orsborn Family
  • Military Order of the Purple Heart, USA Chapter 691 of Sun City, AZ
  • The Bailey Family
  • The Gifford Family
  • The Zimmerman Family
  • The Heffelfingers Family
  • LegalShield Associates – Joan and Noel Baird
  • Come What May Yoga – Jennifer Marks
  • Friends of Gloria – In honor of James M. Donahue USA
  • The Giannetto Family
  • Adornable.U Jewelry
  • Christie Giannetto (for the many fundraisers and realtor sponsorships)
  • The Kent-Partridge Family
  • The Cooper Family
  • The Boore Family
  • Christopher Todd Communities
  • Scale & Sketch, LLC (for VCP aerial photography)
  • The Salamanca Family

Contact the VCP

Questions? Contact VCP Committee Chair Richard Perry at

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