Community Governance

Marley Park is a distinctive community in the growing city of Surprise. Built with a keen attention to detail, Marley Park emphasizes diverse and traditional architecture that fosters an active and caring community for residents today and in the future.

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Marley Park Community Association, Inc.

Achieving our shared vision for Marley Park is facilitated by an Arizona nonprofit organization, known as the Marley Park Community Association, Inc. (MPCA). The MPCA provides spirited, dynamic leadership for the Marley Park community by cultivating a rich variety of activities and programs and by preserving special community landscapes and neighborhood settings. The MPCA staff works in partnership with residents to promote and fulfill our common goals of community spirit, lifelong learning, as well as health and wellness.

Governed by a Board of Directors, the MPCA’s responsibility is to implement and enforce the terms set forth in the Community Charter. The Community Charter for Marley Park has been drafted in accordance with Arizona regulations regarding the establishment of planned communities and nonprofit organizations, and cannot be changed without a specific vote by Marley Park property owners. All residential property owners are members of the Community Association.

Governance Infographic

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