Why resident leadership is key to community success

Leadership. Now there’s an oft-used buzz word. But what does leadership really mean? And why does it matter, especially in our neighborhood?

Leadership can bring people and ideas together to make things happen. Leadership can be the foundation for a thriving community, putting community interest over personal agenda.

While we all have different strengths, talents, and passions, collectively we can lead initiatives that inspire a thriving community culture.

Being a leader is having the desire to make a difference. It’s seeing a need, and finding a solution. It’s taking an already pretty great place to live, and wanting to make it even better.

But leadership doesn’t need to happen in grand fashion. You don’t need to be on the city council to have an impact.

Marley Park has so many opportunities (big and small) to lead. You can lead a special-interest club, head up a volunteer project, organize a park potluck or play date, or maybe even start an impromptu soccer game for neighborhood kids.

You can also drive a positive tone on social media, help spread the word about community-wide events and activities, or simply wave to neighbors as you pass them on the road or meet them at the mailbox.

Leaders can’t (and shouldn’t) go it alone. When there is a strong network of leaders, there is a wealth of ideas, expertise, and a motivation to get it done.

Enter Marley Park Matters.

It’s a program that was launched in 2010 (formerly called Marley Park Leadership) as our community’s signature program to establish a foundation for resident leadership now and into the future.

Marley Park Matters encourages residents to get more involved, gain a deeper understanding of the Marley Park vision, reflect on and strengthen their own leadership values, grow relationships with neighbors, establish and maintain our community’s traditions, and work collectively on initiatives with a lasting and meaningful impact.

We hope you can find an avenue that inspires you to lead. If you’re interested in joining Marley Park Matters, we invite you to attend their upcoming meeting on Jan. 23 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Heritage Club. Dinner will be provided, so please be sure to sign up to let us know you’re coming.

For more information about Marley Park Matters, please contact DMB Community Life Engagement Manager Rhiannon Miett.

And connect with other Marley Park residents by joining the Marley Park Matters Facebook group.