Stay safe in Marley Park pools this summer

As the temperatures start to rise, Marley Park has an amazing amenity to help you cool down. The Heritage Pool House—with splash pad, beach-entry pool and lap pool—is a great place to make memories with your family and friends this summer.

Before you grab your suit and towel, the Marley Park Community Association would like to answer some frequently asked questions and remind you about the policies set forth by the Maricopa County Health Department and the State of Arizona.

What items can I take in the water?

Safety is the number one priority for MPCA, Maricopa County and the State of Arizona, therefore the following rules must be followed:

  • Inflatable arm “floaties” are prohibited. These are considered to provide a false sense of security and slip off the arms very easily. Coast Guard-approved life vests and puddle jumpers are allowed (see graphic above).
  • For the safety of those around you, items that are exchanged between people (such as footballs, beach balls, volleyballs, squirt guns, etc.) are prohibited in or around the pool’s edge. You may play with these items in either of the two large grass areas at the Heritage Pool House.
  • To be able to see the bottom of the pool at all times, and to allow anyone swimming under the water to approach the surface for air safely, rafts, ride-on floatation items, inner tubes, etc. are prohibited.
  • Pool noodles or tubes are prohibited. They easily break off pieces and cause pool equipment to clog, resulting in expensive repairs.
  • Small swimmers goggles are allowed, as long as they are not made of glass lenses. Larger face diving masks, however, are prohibited; the glass could break and shatter around or in the pools.

What other rules should I know?

  • Children who are not potty trained must wear a rubber or swim diaper. Regular diapers are prohibited in the pool. If there is a bodily accident, please contact an MPCA Ambassador or staff member right away to maintain the safety of all swimmers.
  • For everyone’s safety, horse-play, diving, flipping and running in or around the pools anywhere in the facility is prohibited.
  • Glass containers and dishes are prohibited.

Why can’t I use glass containers and dishes?

If glass breaks in the pool grounds, the entire Heritage Pool House amenity will be shut down and evacuated. The pool will then be drained, vacuumed, refilled with fresh water, and chemically balanced. This entire process can take more than a week and can cost the MPCA thousands of dollars.

Some common examples of glass seen near the pools are scuba-style googles, beverage containers, and serving dishes/pitchers for a pool-side events. All of these, and any other form of glass items, are prohibited.

Safety is our number one concern. Eliminating glass keeps residents safe, plus it keeps our amenities in compliance with county and state regulations.

Can I eat or drink around the pool?

County regulations require all food and beverages (in non-glass containers) be kept at least 4 feet from the pool’s edge. This means you are prohibited from sitting on the pool deck, having your feet in the pool, or being in the pool while consuming food or beverages. You are allowed to consume food at any of the tables, ramadas or inside the multipurpose room.

Can I smoke my e-cigarette?

Smoking and all tobacco products are prohibited inside and outside the Heritage Pool House. This includes e-cigarettes, cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, etc.

Who can use the pool?

The Heritage Pool House is available for Marley Park residents who are in good standing with the MPCA and have an active key fob. This key fob must be used to enter the facility. Additionally, the MPCA asks that the fob-holder carry personal identification on themselves at all times.

How many guests can I bring with me?

Marley Park’s guest policy allows a resident to bring up to four guests per household, which includes children.

Can I leave my child at the pool unattended?

No. Children younger than 14 are not allowed to be left at the pool unattended for any period of time. Teens ages 14 and older are allowed at the amenities without adult supervision. Children ages 14 to 17 are not permitted to bring younger siblings or friends without an adult (18 or older) present.

There is no lifeguard on duty, so please supervise your child while enjoying the amenities.

Are there grills available at the Heritage Pool House?

Yes, there are propane grills available for use on a first-come, first-served basis. When you are finished using the grill, please be sure to turn it off and leave it and the surrounding counter tops in a clean condition for the next resident to use.

If there is a problem at the pool, how do I notify the MPCA?

Your eyes and ears are incredibly helpful in maintaining a safe environment. If there is a legitimate emergency, please call 9-1-1. For all other concerns, please first look for an identified MPCA Ambassador. While the MPCA does its best to fully-staff the amenity, there are times when an Ambassador is not available to be onsite. In this case, please call the MPCA main office at 623-466-8820 (Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.). If you cannot reach anyone, please submit a Community Concern Form. To access the form from your wireless device, log into and click on the yellow “Submit Community Concern” button.

How do I reserve a Marley Park facility?

To reserve the multi-purpose room at the Heritage Pool House or one of the rooms at the Heritage club, log into the website and navigate to My Community > Facility Reservations.

To view a full list of guidelines for both Marley Park amenities, check out the Marley Park Resident Agreement, the Heritage Pool House Rental Agreement and the Heritage Club Facility Policies and User Agreement.

On behalf of the MPCA, thank you for keeping our amenities clean and in compliance with state and county regulations.