Star-Spangled Celebration Pool Party photos and highlights

by MPCA Ambassador Autumn Froitland

What better way to get ready to celebrate Independence Day, than with the year’s best pool party? On June 29, Marley Park hosted the 13th annual Star Spangled Celebration Pool Party—a crazy, fun event that celebrates the Fourth of July.

Despite the 111 degrees weather, residents decided to beat the heat and cool off with waterslides, snow cones, and much more. More than 1,100 people showed up to celebrate the event of the summer.

But Marley Park wasn’t the only company involved in this spectacular celebration. Some of the activities at the event were put on by some of our incredible sponsors.

One of the biggest hits of the event was the Fourth of July-inspired selfie station, equipped with a wide variety of patriotic props and a beautiful American flag backdrop. Another hit was the adorable toddler zone, filled with miniature waterslides, play tables, and lawn games, which made this event a fun experience, no matter the age. Elite Orthodontics sponsored both activities, which definitely helped put a smile on everyone’s faces.

One of Marley Park’s partners, Chance Shelter—a non-profit organization that helps people and animals in need and also provides adoption services—was also there to help with the festivities. For the Star Spangled Celebration, Chance Shelter set up a mini adoption station for kids. They had kids fill out a short survey on how to be a good pet owner and then gave the kids a chance to adopt their own stuffed dog or cat. Not only was it adorable, but it was also a huge success. Marley Park is now full of new stuffed pet owners!

Now we all know snow cones are good, but in 100-degree weather, they are nothing short of magical. Marley Park Boy Scout Troop 194 was out on the pool patio giving out delicious snow cones and collecting donations for their Northern Tier Canoe Trek. They handed out more than 200 snow cones, which were a huge hit and a yummy way to cool off and relax.

And then there was the biggest success of them all, the waterslide zone. There is nothing better to do on a hot summer’s day than go down not only one, but six crazy cool waterslides. With slides ranging from small to huge, there was a waterslide for everyone to enjoy.

From the DJ, the food trucks, to painting a picture with paint-filled water guns, there was something for everyone to enjoy, which helped put people in a patriotic mood for the Fourth of July. Overall, all of the guests enjoyed the event and were thankful to Marley Park for putting it on.

Celebrating events is fun, but being able to celebrate with your friends, family, neighbors, and the people you love, well it doesn’t get much better than that!

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