School’s out and Marley Park community is in

A blog by MPCA Ambassador Autumn Froitland

What better way to kick off the end of the school year than poolside? To celebrate the start of summer, Marley Park hosted the School’s Out for Summer Pool Party at the Heritage Pool House on May 21.

The party included a tune-tastic DJ, fun poolside games, delicious cotton candy and snow cones, and so much more! Families were able to come together and enjoy the start of what is going to be a great summer.

Whether the kids were second graders or seniors in high school, they were able to kick back, forget about homework and textbooks, and enjoy the sweet summer sun.

The DJ helped keep the kids entertained, not only with fun music but with games and prizes as well. From hula-hoop contests to limbo, there was always something for the kids to be a part of. And when the kids weren’t busting a move on the patio dance floor, they were able to eat yummy cotton candy and refreshing snow cones to keep their energy up.

Overall, the School’s Out for Summer Pool Party was a hit and a great way to bring people together and celebrate a successful end to the school year.

One of our mottos is: A difference you can see, and a community you can feel. Marley Park strives to bring people, of all ages, together to create amazing new memories that everyone can share, and this summer kick-off was just one of the many ways we were able to achieve that. Make sure to be on the lookout for more fun events that Marley Park has planned for this summer.