MPES receives $250 grant from VCP

On Nov. 8, members of the Veterans Commemorative Plaza Committee presented Marley Park Elementary School with a $250 grant at the school’s Veterans Day assembly. The school will use the money to offset expenses for the event, which celebrates those who have served our country.

This was the first grant issued by the VCP Committee. In the future, the committee hopes to expand their grant program to allow all Dysart Unified School District’s elementary schools to submit a grant application. The number of grants awarded each year will be determined by the number of pavers sold.

If you’d like to help support this grant program, you can purchase a veteran or sponsor paver. Anyone—not just Marley Park residents—may purchase a paver. Veteran pavers cost $75 and can be inscribed with the name of a military veteran; sponsor pavers cost $200 and may be inscribed with the name of an individual, family, company, or organization.

Twice a year newly purchased pavers are installed at the VCP, which is located in Marley Park at the southeast corner of Founders Park Boulevard and Pershing Street.

The VCP is the only veterans’ memorial in the Northwest Valley honoring United States veterans of all military branches. Next time you’re taking a walk through the neighborhood, stop by and check it out.

And if you’d like to help support our local schools, purchase a VCP paver. It’s super easy and can be done online, right from your phone or computer.