MOMSnext is Now Registering


Marley Park’s newest club, MOMSnext, a division of MOPS, is a community of moms with kids past the preschool years.

Meeting Dates will be held at the Marley Park Heritage Club, the third Sunday of each month, September to May, 4:30-6:30p.m.

Cost is $31.95 to Mops International and $40 to our group. Please call or text Christine Mitchell at 623-241-3724 to reserve your spot.

This group tends toward a general age-range of kids from early elementary school through high school. The larger questions that can be addressed in these groups are: What’s your next? And how does God play a part in it? MOMSnext meetings are a place where conversations birth relationships – friendships centered on shared parenting, marriage and work-life balance questions. From there, moms safely dig into their God-breathed purpose and deeper questions about letting kids grow, then eventually go. Conversations that begin during the meeting spill over into daily life, and relationships flourish.

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MOMSnext is an outreach ministry of Desert Streams Lutheran Church