Remember when you could walk to your neighborhood grocer for a carton of eggs or a gallon of milk?

The measure of a great neighborhood is often found in the details – at Marley Park, these details create a vibrant community that’s as accommodating as it is welcoming.

Details like convenient, close-to-home shopping, services, and restaurants are nearby at Marley Park Plaza, an easy walk from most Marley Park neighborhoods. Residents enjoy everything from gourmet eateries and grocery shopping to personal grooming and tax services, right on the southeast corner of Waddell Road and Reems Road. Everything you need, all in one place.

And details like striking artwork on the corner of Marley Park Plaza in Plaza Park. This unique sculpture, Penumbra, (which means a partial shadow between regions of complete shadow and complete illumination) was designed by the West Valley Arts Council program as part of our community partnership with the organization.