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garden-cilantroMarley Park’s clubs and groups make it easy for residents to connect, come together, and give back. From recreational, cultural and service groups to activities and events, Marley Park’s clubs help create a vibrant, thriving community.

Have an interest you want to share or pursue? The Marley Park Community Association always invites new clubs to continue making life in Marley Park dynamic, enjoyable, and rewarding. Check out some of the clubs already formed by Marley Park residents:

The Marley Park Aces Up Poker Club: Card sharks and new players alike enjoy bluffing, betting, and catching up with neighbors and friends over a card table. The club game is Texas Hold’em, but they’ve been known to change it up to keep things interesting.

Marley Park Garden Club: Gardeners are wonderful at sharing – from a start of their favorite plant, to growing tips. Get dirty with members who maintaining their own individual gardens, or help tend the beautiful community garden at the west end of Arbor Park.

Adventures Kids Club: Geared toward 7-12 year olds who are ready for more independent decision-making, kids love creating the direction of their own club…adventure, and maybe secret handshakes, await!


Volunteering is a vital part of Marley Park’s community. Volunteers contribute their time, effort, and talent giving back to Marley Park and the community of Surprise, enriching the neighborhood and investing in the lives of others. Leading clubs, hosting community events, or contributing to our printed Neighborhood News and online community, volunteers are the foundation of our community.

Outside Marley Park, our volunteers spend time at soup kitchens and food banks, host charitable clothing drives, volunteer at Marley Park Elementary School, and organize fundraisers for various Northwest Valley charities.

Fostering Community

The Marley Park Community Association (MPCA), an Arizona nonprofit organization, helps Marley Park develop and sustain a special sense of community. The MPCA Team works in partnership with residents to promote and fulfill common goals of community, lifelong learning, and health and wellness. The Association routinely:

  • Invites residents to share their time, talents, and ideas in creating an active and caring community.
  • Establishes community traditions, activities, and programs that create lasting memories and community pride.
  • Supports communication for residents to share information and stay connected, including our community web portal
  • Ensures compliance with its community standards through education, respectful communication, and grassroots support.

West Valley Arts Council

The West Valley Arts Council (WVAC) is expanding its reach and presence in the Northwest Valley through a partnership with the Marley Park community. The partnership allows the Council to provide a variety of arts programming, including exhibits, performances, arts education, and public art programs throughout the Southwest and Northwest Valley.

Through the WVAC, Marley Park residents enjoy Arts Camp, Concerts on the Lawn, the Taste of the Arts event, and various art exhibits. Events are held throughout the community and are open to Marley Park residents and members of the larger community.

Contact us for more information about groups and activities at Marley Park, or to find your dream home in Surprise, AZ today!

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