The perks of our neighborhood parks

Marley Park is home to 18 neighborhood parks and growing. But why are there so many? It’s a simple equation: more parks equal more benefits to the neighborhood.

Parks offer key environmental, aesthetic, and recreational benefits. They enhance property values and attract homebuyers. And best of all, they’re places to play, relax, and socialize.

Park perks are aplenty, so we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite reasons why parks play a crucial role in our community.

The social connection

A park is the perfect spot for a playdate, soccer practice, or a neighborhood potluck. It’s a place for birthday parties, childhood memories, and friendly chats around the fire pit.

Think of the park as the great outdoor connector where residents can interact with one another and meet new people. For example, Founders Park and Marley Park are home to neighborhood traditions such as the Easter Egg Hunt, Pawstume and Patriotic parades. They’re places where strong community connections are formed.

Movement and mindfulness

Do a quick search and you’ll find no lack of studies showing the connection between easy access to parks and increased exercise. If there’s a park near your home, it’s more likely you’ll get out to take a stroll, run with the dog, kick around a soccer ball, push your kids on the swings, or even fly a kite. The park is nature’s gym, minus the monthly membership.

Fresh air, physical movement, and new friendships also do wonders for the soul. Even a few minutes of park time can reduce stress, boost energy, and help with an overall sense of well-being and happiness. A little sunshine (and a little vitamin D) does the mind and body good.

Neighborhood parks and ambassadors

Did you know that Marley Park was designed so that each home would be no more than a 5-minute walk to a park? Each home is designated to a specific park which allows members of the Marley Park Matters leadership program to act as ambassadors to those communities within the community.

Do you know which neighborhood park you belong to? If not, use this map to find out.

Cooling the desert

Marley Park’s green spaces are designed to create an ‘urban forest’ to help reduce the heat island effect and lower cooling costs throughout the community. The heat island is caused by a combo of factors including height and spacing of buildings, air pollution, and type of building materials used, all of which can significantly increase area temperatures.

The good news? Strategic placement of parks and planting of trees and vegetation, with overhanging tree branches and lush groundcover, can reduce temperatures by a few degrees.

Floodwater reduction

While parks are places for play, they also have a very important role during summer monsoons. During bouts of heavy rainfall, parks serve as water drainage zones to help reduce flooding in neighborhood yards and streets. The open park spaces reduce flooding by acting as holding areas for excess runoff that could otherwise cause expensive damage in our community.

Higher property values

Parks add shade, green spaces, and natural beauty to our community. They also help increase home property values. Much thought and design expertise has gone into the landscape vision for Marley Park, and how park plants and trees will grow with and enhance the community (and home values) for years to come.

Recent studies also suggest that parks surrounded by homes actually help reduce property crimes. Since neighbors tend to use the parks more frequently, there are more people keeping an eye out for and supporting one another. The benefit? Neighborhoods with lower crime rates have increased property values.

Fun fact: Inspiration for our parks came from the Kemper Marley family who farmed the land for generations growing cotton and a commercial rose garden. As we head into cooler temperatures, take time to explore and discover that each park has its own character and charm.

Our neighborhood parks are not able to be reserved for private events, but residents may host gatherings while sharing the space with others. And don’t forget that the Marley Park Party Trailer is available to reserve for free for your upcoming event as well.

Park Rules