Ten Years of a Great Community at Marley Park


Happy 10th birthday to beautiful Marley Park! It’s hard to believe we’ve been growing for ten years, but when you look at the numbers it’s clear that we have developed quite a rich and engaging history.

Being so convenient for residents, the Marley Park Commercial Plaza is quite the happening place. Our Bashas’ has sold 29,120 dozen eggs already. That’s a lot of omelets!

We’re also very into health and wellness around here. Did you know that 59% of the Martineau Dentistry patients live in and around Marley Park? And Holt Eye Care has sold over 12,000 boxes of contact lenses. That’s good, because with fifteen neighborhood parks on the arbor walk, there’s a lot of beautiful things to see.

In the last decade, we’ve planned a lot of great events for Marley Park residents. Can you believe that over 10,000 Easter Eggs have been collected at Marley Park’s annual Easter Egg Hunt? Event Rents has set up more than 10,000 chairs for our signature events including the Backyard Concert Series, movies under the stars, Star Spangled Celebrations and ten Home for the Holidays Celebrations.

The volunteer and patriotic spirit of Marley Park is also quite noteworthy. There are 100 Veteran pavers and 105 sponsorship pavers already installed in the Veterans Commemorative Plaza.

Marley Park Residents consistently contribute their time, effort and talent to make this such an amazing community that so many great neighbors are proud to call home. They lead our clubs, care for our neighborhoods, and truly make this a special place to live.

It truly is a difference you can feel.

Come to Marley Park and see for yourself!