Fall Equinox – Toasts & Toasts at Marley Park

2013 Fall EquinoxOn September 21st, Marley Park is welcoming the fall season with neighbors, spirits, food, and bocce while joining their fellow Marley Parkers dressed in their summer whites for another unforgettable event. This much-anticipated equinox celebration brings together everything that is loved about the equinox, all sandwiched together into one fantastic event.

Residents are invited to bring their favorite beverage to the Fall Equinox celebration and create a bruschetta topping to share; the Marley Park Community Association is providing the toast. Guests will be voting on the tastiest bruschetta topping. The winner will go home with the Top Toaster Award!

The event is put on in partnership by the Marley Barley and Grape Nutz clubs in partnership with the MPCA. The Toasts & Toasts 2013 Fall Equinox event is free to Marley Park residents.

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