What elementary school do the children of Marley Park attend?

Elementary and middle school students residing west of Bullard Ave will attend Marley Park Elementary School and students residing east of Bullard Ave will attend Luke Elementary School. All high school students will attend Dysart High School. Individual schools are subject to changes in attendance boundaries. Please contact Dysart Unified School District for more information.

What high school do the children of Marley Park attend?

Marley Park residents attend Dysart High School, located on Dysart Road just south of Cactus Road.

What is Marley Park’s commitment to education?

With a strong relationship with Dysart Unified School District, Marley Park celebrates lifelong learning, emphasizing the arts, technology and academic achievements.

Are students able to attend schools outside their assigned school?

Arizona state law allows students to apply for admission to any state public school, based on available classroom space. Open Enrollment applications are approved on a year-by-year basis with no guarantee of continued enrollment. While most campuses in the Dysart Unified School District will have space for Open Enrollment students, some campuses will have closed enrollment because of growing student populations.

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