General Community Information (3)

Where is Marley Park?

Marley Park is conveniently accessed from the Loop 101, Loop 303 and Grand Avenue approximately 20 miles northwest of downtown Phoenix. The community is bounded by Waddell Road to the north, Cactus Road to the south, and Reems Road and Litchfield Road to the west and east. Marley Park can be accessed via Bell Road, which is the primary thoroughfare for Surprise, Arizona. Get directions to Marley Park.

How many acres is Marley Park?

Approximately 956 acres, 416 of which are planned for Phases I and II.

What makes Marley Park different from other residential developments?

Marley Park is about feeling at home not just inside your home, but also within your entire neighborhood. The special Community Plan is based upon conscious, genuine, grass-roots participation.

New Homes (2)

How many homes are planned for Marley Park?

The community is approved for approximately 3,700 homes to be released in phases. Within our first two phases are more than 1,200 lots.

What types of homes are offered at Marley Park?

Marley Park features classic architectural styles including: Bungalow, Cottage, Craftsman, Monterey, Spanish, Territorial, Ranch and Traditional. A unique range of housing choices and floor plans are also available including single-family homes, attached homes and courtyard homes.

Amenities, Services and Operations (6)

Is there a golf course at Marley Park?

Marley Park does not have a golf course within the community. However, there are several public golf courses conveniently located nearby.

What amenities are offered in Marley Park?

Marley Park offers residents a variety of amenities, including a centrally located 45-acre public-use education and recreation parks complex that includes: Heritage ParkMarley Park Elementary School, as well as The Heritage Club, a series of unique neighborhood parks, the Arbor Walk, a community intranet and a neighborhood marketplace. Additional amenities include:

• 1,600-seat open-air amphitheater
• Lighted baseball and soccer fields
• Community rose garden
• Adventure play areas
• Community pool


Is there a community pool at Marley Park?

There is a community pool at Marley Park, available to residents and their guests. Please contact the Marley Park Community Association for more information.

Is there a fitness center at Marley Park?

There is no fitness center scheduled at this time. Marley Park is designed as a pedestrian-friendly community, and the Arbor Walk can be used for walking, biking, or running, and the numerous neighborhood parks provide outdoor recreation spaces, as well. Fitness classes are sometimes held at the Heritage Club as well.

Who are the utility providers at Marley Park?

Southwest Gas, APS, Cox and City of Surprise water and wastewater

Who maintains the neighborhood tree-lined streets?

The trees are maintained by the Community Life Team. Throughout the neighborhoods, water for the trees is drawn from the homeowners’ water source. Maintenance of ground cover in front of homes is the responsibility of the homeowners.

Parks and Arbor Walk (3)

Are there paths and trails throughout the community?

Phases I and II offer pedestrian-friendly, tree-lined paths, otherwise known as the Arbor Walk, that link the community’s unique parks and neighborhoods.

What is featured in each park?

Fifteen uniquely themed parks have been planned for Phases I and II. The parks, featuring open play areas, covered picnic areas, flower gardens and shade trees, are located within a short walk from each home in Marley Park.

How is Marley Park able to support all of its grass and trees in this desert region?

Marley Park is using a computerized system (Maxicom) to support and maintain the community’s landscape. The Maxicom System is the latest technology available in water management systems. It automatically calculates the daily water needs of each landscape area, adjusting the amount of water use based on conditions such as humidity and other factors. The system also alerts operators to breaks or leaks in irrigation lines. The water system allows Marley Park to use the minimum amount of water necessary to maintain landscaping, providing tremendous water conservation benefits. Marley Park currently utilizes non-potable water through the Maricopa Water District.

Education (4)

What elementary school do the children of Marley Park attend?

Elementary and middle school students residing west of Bullard Ave will attend Marley Park Elementary School and students residing east of Bullard Ave will attend Luke Elementary School. All high school students will attend Dysart High School. Individual schools are subject to changes in attendance boundaries. Please contact Dysart Unified School District for more information.

What high school do the children of Marley Park attend?

Marley Park residents attend Dysart High School, located on Dysart Road just south of Cactus Road.

What is Marley Park’s commitment to education?

With a strong relationship with Dysart Unified School District, Marley Park celebrates lifelong learning, emphasizing the arts, technology and academic achievements.

Are students able to attend schools outside their assigned school?

Arizona state law allows students to apply for admission to any state public school, based on available classroom space. Open Enrollment applications are approved on a year-by-year basis with no guarantee of continued enrollment. While most campuses in the Dysart Unified School District will have space for Open Enrollment students, some campuses will have closed enrollment because of growing student populations.

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