A Passion for Great Places

Marley Park is being developed by Marley Park, LLC, an Arizona limited liability company, which is an affiliate of DMB.

DMB is an Arizona-based, diversified real estate company. The core values of the company are profit, partnership, legacy and fun – the standards that guide our work. When applied to the proven principles of community-building, the result is a unique vision that leads to the creation of great places.

For decades, DMB has crafted communities that respect the land and enrich the way people live, work, play and learn. Our communities include resort/recreational and primary home developments, signature commercial properties, and health clubs and spas across the western United States, including Arizona, California, Utah and Hawaii.

A national leaders in the development of sustainable, legacy communities, DMB takes the long-term view, respecting all community stakeholders. Learn more: dmbinc.com.

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